About Kriss

"Kriss Hendy is fast becoming a well-known and trusted specialist in his field of work. Coming from a background in Sport & Exercise Science, Kriss lives by the philosophy “If you move poorly, you will perform poorly.”

Living by the belief that "If you Move Poorly, you will Perform Poorly" I work with my clients by focusing on stripping back the layers, identifying any underlying weaknesses and re-educating the body and mind so that the Foundations for Health and Performance can be built. I pride myself on being able to deliver the necessary information to my clients in a simple and effective manner that doesn't overwhelm them, a common flaw seen so often in this industry.
  • Bachelor in Sport & Exercise Science
  • Post Graduate Diploma of Secondary Education

  • Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach Level 2

  • Founder of Strength for Endurance

  • Creator of StrengthForEnduranceKIT

  • Writer for Australian Triathlete Magazine, Age Group Triathlete Magazine

  • Helping to Build Stronger, Healthier Bodies (Read Testimonials)

After spending a lot of my time working with Endurance Athletes, in 2016 my wife and I started Strength For Endurance which aims to bridge the gap between Strength Training and the Endurance Community. 

I am passionate about raising the standard of Coaching and offer Mentoring Opportunities to upcoming Coaches and Trainers who want to develop their knowledge and hands-on experience in the Strength Training field.

As well as presenting nationwide clinics through our business Strength For Endurance, I spent a number of coaching hours working in the community and leading a number of Junior Athlete Development Programs for schools and junior squads. I have had experience working with a diverse sporting audience including Triathlon, Running, AFL, Soccer, Motocross, Ultra-Marathoners, Rugby, Cycling, Swimming, Basketball, Roller-Derby and Inline-Hockey.

(Kriss currently lives in the UK)



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Kriss is always prepared for our session, he has the right mix of pushing me when I need it but also ensures that my technique and foundation exercises are strong.
— Justine
When I first started I didn’t understand a lot of exercises & I wasn’t doing them properly. But now with Kriss’ help I can do them correctly and safely.
— Anthony - Triathlete
Kriss has helped rebuild my strength after months of hip and lower back problems. His expertise and persistence have been very helpful in my line of work.
— Tim Van Berkel - Professional Triathlete