Frequently Asked Questions


monthly Online coaching Plan

Is the KH Program Suitable for Beginners?

The KH Program is appropriate for all fitness levels. Everyone has to start somewhere and no one enters the gym knowing it all. Beginners are highly encouraged to spend time learning more about the exercises featured in this program and to adhere to appropriate modifications as needed. As a member of the KH Program, you will no doubt increase your strength training knowledge, improve your form, and build confidence in the gym!

The website, Free Resources and the Kriss Hendy YouTube Channel are excellent resources for all experience levels to familiarise themselves with the Kriss Hendy strength training exercises and technique.  

What Equipment Do I Need?

Most commercial gyms are equipped with everything you need to follow my workouts.

This program can be done from home with some modifications or substitutions if you do not have everything needed for the workout. These workouts typically utilise barbells, dumbbells, resistance bands, and benches. While modifications are often cited in the workout, if you find yourself needing a quick substitution, just get in contact with me at 

The KH program encourages a focus on progressive overload, which means a gradual increase over time in the weights used for the workout, the amount of repetitions performed, and/or the quality of the repetitions. Ideally, a member working out from home would have a way to eventually increase the weights used in the exercises. 

My Home programs promote the use of the equipment included in the StrengthForEnduranceKIT and all KH members will receive a complimentary discount if they wish the purchase these on

Once I have signed up for the online program, how long before I can get started?

Straight away! As soon as you sign up for the Monthly Online Program your 7 day FREE trial will begin where you will have full access to the members platform. If you do not cancel this before the end of the 7th day your first payment will be taken. 

When will I be charged?

On signing up to the monthly training you will enter the 7 Day Free Trial Period. Unless you cancel your subscription before the end of this trial period your first payment will be charged to your account on the 8th day. An automatic payment will then be taken every 30 days unless cancelled.

How often is the programming updated?

Monthly Online programs will be updated on the 1st of every month. The previous month will be removed from the members area, so make sure to download the pdf files as you won't be able to access them once the next month starts. 

What does my monthly online membership include?

Clients who subscribe to the Monthly Online Training Plan will receive:

  • 2 x NEW full-body Gym training sessions every month
  • 2 x NEW full-body Home training sessions every month  
  • Each week you will receive a Session A and a Session B to complete, approximately 45 minutes per session
  • Unlimited access to additional/target area programs
  • Highly detailed instructional video tutorials and program walk through
  • Downloadable & Printable PDF workout log to track your training and progress
  • Email contact with Kriss to support your training

How can I view my program?

Our programs are desktop and mobile compatible so you can train anywhere, anytime. Simply log in to the members area.

I've forgotten my log in details

You can reset your password on the members area log in screen.

How often should I be strength training?

This will vary depending on your own personal goals. To keep it simple we recommend 2-3 strength training sessions per week for any program to be effective. If you are an athlete who is using strength work to compliment your other training/main sport this will be fine, however some people may have goals that will require them to perform their sessions a little more frequently. If in doubt, contact us for advice on your personal situation.

Do I have to be super fit or strong before I start your programs?

Absolutely not! The training is designed to assist anyone, no matter what age, ability, size or strength to improve their health and performance, whatever their goals may be. If you are unsure of your current level of health we do suggest seeking the advice of qualified health professional before commencing with any training program. 

I'll be using the home training program, how do I get my hands on a StrengthForEnduranceKIT?

Having a StrengthForEnduranceKIT is not compulsory for any of Kriss's programs, however he frequently uses the equipment included in the kit in his home programs. If you would like to purchase any equipment you can find the details and pricing here. All of Kriss's clients receive a 10% discount on the kit upon purchase (this code will be sent to you following sign-up.) 

Can I mix and match the Home and Gym sessions? 

Yes! The programming has been designed so that the gym and home programs compliment each other. Therefore if you can't make it to the gym but still want to train you can using the home program with confidence that you're staying on track.

I don't feel like the program is working for me, can I cancel my membership?

If you aren't happy with any aspect of the programs provided Kriss would love for you to get in contact to see if he can help or adjust your program accordingly, to suit your needs. However if you still would like to cancel, this is absolutely fine. Your payment will be taken out of your account at the same time each month so if you wish to cancel your subscription please do so before this date otherwise you will be charged for the month and refund will not be possible. 


What is the duration of your clinics?

Clinics usually run for a 90minute duration however this can be adjusted to suit the audience, environment and desired learning outcomes. Please contact Kriss to discuss further.

How far do you travel?

Negotiable upon request

Are your clinics suitable for non-athletes?

Definitely, whether you're an athlete, recreational trainer or simply want to improve your health and wellbeing, Kriss will share the knowledge and experience that you need for your next step. 


What experience do I need to have to apply for mentorship?

Kriss is passionate about raising the standard of strength training and that begins with the people who are delivering the information. You may be studying a Sports Science Course, want to elevate your Personal Training business or be a Coach who wants guidance into how to include strength work in your athletes training week. Spaces are limited, expressions of interest are welcome via email

Do you charge for your mentor program?

There is no charge for students who wish to work with Kriss on their professional development. However any additional costs such as gym fees and travel that may arise will be the responsibility of the student.


If any questions you had were not answered here, please email, and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks.