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Program Design #2 Sets, Reps & TUT

The Wrong Side of 30

Your Guide to Getting Started

Strength = Speed

Swimming as One


Wasted Crunches

Program Design #3 Frequency, Intensity & Load

Strength Training with a Kona bound Athlete (Tim Berkel)

Home, Gym or Outdoors

It's ok, I'm a Triathlete!


Time on Your Shoulders

Post Physio, Pre Performance (Upper Body)

Are your Shoulders ready for a great Swim Stroke?

Barbell, Kettlebells & Suspension Trainers

Strength Work During your Taper


Program Design #1 Specificity

Post Physio, Pre Performance (Lower Body)

Prepare for Every Session

Strength Training for the Junior Athlete

Race Week & Ready - AusTri Mag