Face to Face Training


Living by the belief that "If you Move Poorly, you will Perform Poorly" I work with my clients by focusing on stripping back the layers, identifying any underlying weaknesses and re-educating the body and mind so that the Foundations for Health and Performance can be built.

My knowledge an experience has led to helping a range of clients regain Optimal Movement, Reduce Pain and Achieve Performance goals whether they are a Professional Athlete or an Elderly client wanting to improve their quality of everyday life.

Working face to face provides an ideal environment for me as a coach to analyse and guide you through your development, whilst providing you will a time and a place to be, in turn increasing the effectiveness and consistency of your training. 


Coaching Sessions with me Include:

  • Initial Consultation & Movement Screening

  • Bodyweight & Movement focuse to evaluate weakness or restrictions

  • Coaching on all relevant Lifts (Olympic Lifts, Barbell Lifts, etc)
  • Nutritional Guidance to Support your Goals
  • Weekly/Monthly Customised Training Program
  • Ongoing Telephone/Email Contact
  • Special Product Discount


* Pricing On Application. Sessions can be purchased individually or as part of a block.

  Your first session will include a Consultation & Assessment.


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  • You have a specific goal, whether that be rehabilitating an injury or training for competition
  • You want a coach who you can trust to look after your journey whilst keeping you accountable to an action plan
  • You want to build upon current strengths whilst correcting any imbalances to help minimise the risk of injury
  • You want to develop strength, speed, power and agility
Kriss Hendy Training