Face to Face Training


Living by the belief that "If you Move Poorly, you will Perform Poorly" I work with my clients by focusing on stripping back the layers, identifying any underlying weaknesses and re-educating the body and mind so that the Foundations for Health and Performance can be built.

My knowledge an experience has led to helping a range of clients regain Optimal Movement, Reduce Pain and Achieve Performance goals whether they are a Professional Athlete or an Elderly client wanting to improve their quality of everyday life.

Working face to face at our Strength For Endurance Studio in Bath provides an ideal environment for me as a coach to analyse and guide you through your development, whilst providing you will a time and a place to be, in turn increasing the effectiveness and consistency of your training. 


Coaching Sessions with me Include:

  • Initial Consultation & Movement Screening

  • Bodyweight & Movement focuse to evaluate weakness or restrictions

  • Coaching on all relevant Lifts (Olympic Lifts, Barbell Lifts, etc)
  • Nutritional Guidance to Support your Goals
  • Weekly/Monthly Customised Training Program
  • Ongoing Telephone/Email Contact
  • Special Product Discount


* Pricing On Application. Sessions can be purchased individually or as part of a block.

  Your first session will include a Consultation & Assessment.


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  • You have a specific goal, whether that be rehabilitating an injury or training for competition
  • You want a coach who you can trust to look after your journey whilst keeping you accountable to an action plan
  • You want to build upon current strengths whilst correcting any imbalances to help minimise the risk of injury
  • You want to develop strength, speed, power and agility
Kriss Hendy Training