Professional Mentoring


As a passionate Coach I'm committed to raising the standard of how Strength Training is delivered to Athletes and the general population. If you are a Student, Trainer or Coach who would like to gain valuable experience and broaden your knowledge base, I would love to work with you.

Professional Mentoring is ideal for:

  • Personal Trainers
  • Strength & Conditioning Professionals (Level 1)
  • Sport & Exercise Science Students
  • Endurance Coaches
  • Health/ Exercise Professionals


* Face to Face or distance mentoring possible. Due to my schedule, I may have limited availability at certain times.


"Kriss has a respectable reputation which enticed me to approach him to complete my practical hours. Kriss is very professional and has a great deal of knowledge in Strength and Conditioning. I found him to be very empathetic and professional that influences the positive relationship with his clients. The experience was very rewarding and I had the privilege to assist with a wide range of clients. I would highly recommend Kriss." - E. Shaw

Every session with him is diverse and informative and Kriss provides me with fresh ideas and new ways to consider. His delivery is inclusive and often backed up by example. He has listened to my needs as a learner and has adapted that into his coaching of me as an athlete as well. To have a teacher who regularly practices what he preaches, who can draw on his own sporting history and pass his knowledge on via coaching a diverse range of people has been immensely helpful to me. ” - R. Pearson