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Clinics with Kriss

Could your employees do with a bit of encouragement to Improve their Health?  

Are you a Coach, keen to take your athletes performance to the next level?

Information regarding health and fitness is so widely spread across the internet these days that it is difficult to determine what is right and what is wrong. 

Whether you're a casual weekend runner, competitive athlete or simply looking to improve your everyday health, everyone can benefit from moving better and moving more. 

Clinics aim to give you the Practical and Theoretical Tools to start implementing Strength Training with Confidence and Convenience into your daily routine, right away.

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"If you are looking to improve performance, reduce injuries or simply move better through everyday life, attending one of Kriss's clinic's could be just what you need."

"Kriss clearly knows his subject and combined his knowledge with an engaging practical session. His application of strength and conditioning principles for endurance athletes spans the gap from elite professional all the way to the athlete just starting out."


What to expect

  • How Basic Strength Training can benefit Health and Performance

  • Learn key Mobility, Activation and Strength Exercises

  • Scheduling Strength sessions into your Weekly Training Plan

  • How a 'StrengthForEnduranceKIT' can help you

Kriss's aim is to provide you with some basic tools and knowledge that you can take away and start implementing into your daily lives or training schedules.
Clinics have a strong practical element for attendees (although not compulsory), so we like to get everyone up moving and learning through hands on experience.

The approximate duration of a standard clinic is 90 minutes, however half day and full day sessions are available on request.

Clinics are affordable and open to all abilities.

**Once location and estimated group size have been discussed, we will provide you with a quote.

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