Warm Up & Mobility Routine


With all my clients, athletes or not, a good mobility routine is essential for keeping the body in peak condition. Performing this routine 2-3 times a week will ensure you maintain balance throughout your body and avoiding a build up of tight areas that could lead to injury down the track.

Remember be patient but be consistent! 

Click to Watch the Short Video Tutorial and Follow the Session Plan Below.



1. Inch Worm - 5 Reps

2. Hip Opener - 10 Reps (5 each side)

3. Bodyweight Squat - 10 Reps

4. Alternating Lunge - 10 Reps (5 each side)

5. T-Spine Lunge - 4 Reps (twice each side)

6. Crucifix - 4 Reps (twice each side)

7. Band/Towel Passovers - 10 Reps

8. Squat Mobility - 20/30 seconds

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