When following any type of online programming there is a degree of common sense, caution and maturity that is required from you as an athlete.

Below I have outlined a few guidelines to follow that will help you perform your program safely and effectively. Remember to swallow your pride and the focus is quality over quantity. Most of you will be new to Strength Training and your weights/loading capacity will be unknown. By starting light it is easy to increase the load, but start too heavy and you will increase the risk of injury. 


After performing your Mobility exercises at the start of each session I generally start with a Primary movement (e.g. Squat or Deadlift). We strongly advise our athletes to perform the basic movement pattern with a broomstick or just the barbell/dumbbell for a set of 10 reps. Then to perform at least 2 warm up sets (1 x 10 reps at 20-30% and 1 x 5 reps 50-60% of your working weight). 

* Remember! Don’t just mindlessly go through the motions; be conscious and present during each movement, perfect technique here is just as important. By practicing the lift you are warming up your neuromuscular system as well as the muscles and joints involved in the movement. Also don't be afraid to add or repeat warm up sets of you feeling like it's taking a little longer to warm up.


With anyone new to Strength Training we want to initiate activation of dormant muscles, develop a balanced body and generally educate the body into performing fundamental movement patterns well. When rep ranges are set between 10-15 reps our focus in on conditioning. Therefore a weight that allows you to focus on technique, stability and control is essential. The effort should still be 100% but the load can be between 50-60%.


Once on our Proficient Strength Series you will notice the rep ranges will be much lower than before usually around 5-8 reps. The lower range is designed as we are now focusing on maximising Strength and Power.


With exercises using a barbell start out with just the bar (usually 20kg itself) to get a feel of the base weight. From here you can gradually add load usually in 2.5kg-5kg increments. Don’t forget to use plate clips to secure the weight plates. 

5. Dumbbell / Kettlebell

For exercises that require the use of dumbbells or kettlebells again start lighter than you think, generally 5kg is a good baseline, but this will vary from person to person. 


Rest is one of the most important variables of a successful and effective training program. I have highlighted the recommended amount of rest in the programming however when first starting out you may wish to take a little longer and go by feel - in other words rest until you are adequately recovered. As the weight begins to increase, you will be putting more demand on the body, this is why I have prescribed a little longer rest time between exercises. 


Further training guidelines are covered in the Frequently Asked Questions on your Dashboard