Welcome to my Website. I'm Kriss Hendy - Coach, Educator & Mentor working with people passionate about Improving their Health, Developing their Sports Performance and Training with a Purpose. 

I've been lucky enough to work with a wide range of clients from Professional Endurance Athletes to Rehabilitation Clients and everyone in-between.

My work centres around Improving Physical Weaknesses and Imbalances, whilst Building upon Existing Athletic Qualities. I can Guarantee that I will help you get the absolute most out of your Body through Developing Strength and Minimising Injury.

Alongside my wife, we deliver education and guidance through our business Strength For Endurance. We have a Training Studio located in Bath, UK, Online Strength Training Programs and a Virtual Training Studio, providing you with plenty of options for us to work together, wherever you are in the world.

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Liz Blatchford

"I can’t speak highly enough of Kriss. He worked carefully with me to develop a specialised strength program to suit my current level, past injuries, other training and goals. I feel like the sessions are concise and the program is exactly what I need to achieve my goals in triathlon. His professionalism and passion are clear in his work, with personalised service and constant contact and feedback."

- Liz Blatchford, Pro Triathlete

Tim Berkel

"I have found Kriss Hendy to be an extraordinary physical fitness consultant and a dedicated personal trainer. Kriss served as my strength condition coach and helped rebuild my strength after months of hip and lower back problems. His expertise and persistence have been helpful in my line of work. I can highly recommend Kriss to anyone interested in improving their overall physical and mental well being."

- Tim Berkel, Pro Triathlete

Laura Siddall

"Kriss gets sport. He gets that strength isn't just pumping the big weights. His approach really takes into consideration your individual sport, what you specifically need to perform, what your imbalances are or strengths and weaknesses, and his approach is tailored to you. He's passionate, enthusiastic and his energy and love of his work is definitely infectious."

- Laura Siddall, Pro Triathlete


Kriss Hendy Strength Coach

Having been involved Professionally in Strength Training and better Movement Practice for over a decade now, I pride myself on helping my clients to regain Optimal Movement, Reduce Pain and Achieve their Performance Goals. 

Whether you are a Professional Athlete or you simply want to Improve the Quality of Everyday Life, I will help you Build upon existing Strengths and Develop your Weaknesses, meaning you get the most out of your body, whilst minimising Injury.



"Strength & Conditioning is a commonly overlooked area of training within the endurance community, where the sole focus is on the sport in question.

This may suffice in the short term but over time will prevent optimal performance, increase the risk of injury and reduce longevity within the sport."