Tim Van Berkel

"I have found Kriss Hendy to be an extraordinary physical fitness consultant and a dedicated personal trainer. Kriss served as my strength condition coach and helped rebuild my strength after months of hip and lower back problems. His expertise and persistence have been helpful in my line of work. I can highly recommend Kriss to anyone interested in improving their overall physical and mental well being."


Pip Taylor

"I have always viewed Strength and Conditioning work as critical to laying the foundations to being able to swim/bike/run fast. So while it is tempting sometimes to feel as though the time at gym is taking away from actual ‘training’ time, for me it is the other way around. It is especially important, as after few years of reduced training and being pregnant twice in that time, I have had some natural body changes. Making sure my basic strength and function is spot on is necessary before I can worry about upping other intensity or volume too much. Kriss has really provided me with some great guidance around getting me back on track by setting some realistic training goals and helping me establish a sensible framework for me to follow."

Liz Blatchford

Liz Blatchford

"I can’t speak highly enough of Kriss. He worked carefully with me to develop a specialised strength program to suit my current level, past injuries, other training and goals. I feel like the sessions are concise and the program is exactly what I need to achieve my goals in triathlon. His professionalism and passion are clear in his work, with personalised service and constant contact and feedback." 

Laura Siddall

Laura Siddall

"Kriss gets sport. He gets that strength isn't just pumping the big weights. His approach really takes into consideration your individual sport, what you specifically need to perform, what your imbalances are or strengths and weaknesses, and his approach is tailored to you. He's passionate, enthusiastic and his energy and love of his work is definitely infectious."


Clayton Fettell

"I have been doing triathlon for over 20 years and body maintenance is essential for the heavy training load I do. Kriss has helped piece together a program for me that I can do in conjunction with my swim, bike and run training. I have found new strength and stability also helping economy across all three disciplines with only two forty minute gym sessions per week"


Jacqueline Hendricks

"As a young athlete growing up I used to do strength work in the gym, Pilates other days and land workouts when out of the water or before/after swim squad. I have always believed in strength playing a huge role in prevention and rehabilitation of injuries. I have been using Kriss's strength and conditioning programs since 2014, following an injury from swinging off many ropes in Vanuatu. I have found the programs easy to follow and extremely time efficient. I work full time and don't have a lot of spare hours with my training, so getting in at least two strength sessions a week and being able to do them in the comfort of my own home has been fantastic!"


Pedro De Silva

"I had a knee operation last year, after I finished the physiotherapy I asked Kriss to help me get back to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (the sport that I really love doing it). My knee was very weak and i'm not going to lie, I was a bit worried that I wouldn't be able to go back to Jiu Jitsu. After a few sessions my body was feeling great, my knee wasn't wobbly anymore. In two months training with Kriss I was able to go back to Jiu Jitsu and surfing. Now I am training BJJ every day and haven't have an injury since.
Training with Kriss was the best decision I ever made, he also gave me the tools to keep my body healthy, strong, flexible and free of injuries. I strongly recommend his programs. I can't thank you enough Kriss."


Jill Thompson

"After being sidelined from a running injury, I've been using the StrengthForEnduranceKIT and it has worked even better than I expected. I'm not interested in hitting the gym nor do I have the time so this is perfect. If I don't have a huge amount of time to use it I will do "movement snacks" and come and go during the day working on my strength. I'm back running now and I noticed the difference as soon as I hit the trails. I feel way stronger and with another hundred miler planned this year, this training system will play a big role in my buildup."


Lucas Flannery

"When I first went to Kriss, I had been competing in triathlons for a few years but had never been able to run consistently. I had always struggled with shin splints which were hindering my performance during races. Kriss took me through a gym session and pointed out areas of importance I needed to work on. He also stressed the importance of having a strong body overall, as well as the importance of functional movement for triathlon. Whilst doing Kriss' gym routine on a regular basis and training smart in the lead up to my second Ironman, I was able to increase my run load to distances I previously thought were ridiculous and without having any shin splint pain. This in turn helped tremendously in my first Ironman Age Group win and first Kona qualification. Over the time I have been with Kriss I've not only noticed an amazing improvement in my body's ability to perform during the three disciplines of triathlon, but also in my functioning in day to day life."


Rachel Pearson

"I'm currently completing my ASCA accreditation under the practical guidance of Kriss Hendy . Every session with him is diverse and informative and Kriss provides me with fresh ideas and new ways to consider . His delivery is inclusive and often backed up by example. He has listened to my needs as a learner and has adapted that into his coaching of me as an athlete as well . To have a teacher who regularly practices what he preaches , who can draw on his own sporting history and pass his knowledge on via coaching a diverse range of people has been immensely helpful to me. I hope I can spend many hours observing and learning more from Kriss."



Anthony Camilleri

"When I first started I didn't understand a lot of exercises & I wasn't doing them properly. But now with Kriss' help I can do them correctly and safely."


Justine Dorrell

"I have been training with Kriss for over a year, the improvements that I have made and the increased strength and fitness that I now have is awesome. Kriss is always prepared for our session, he has the right mix of pushing me when I need it but also ensures that my technique and foundation exercises are strong. Each session is always challenging and we go back and review exercises that I did 4 or 5 months ago to see the improvements I've made. I cant talk highly enough about Kriss, he is an expert in his field and his passion for strength coaching makes you want to be the best that you can be."


Luisa Camilleri

"Strength and Conditioning has become so important to me after having major back surgery one and a half years ago. As part of my long road to recovery, Training with Kriss when I'm at home or away on holidays makes me feel like I can do it anytime in my day to day lifestyle with a personal program which I know is benefiting my training regime religiously 3 times a week, no excuses."

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Brigid Kramer

Sometimes you dont even know that you are moving poorly, which was the case with me.  The realisation came slowly to me.  My background was that I had been relatively healthy until a cancer year and then resultant nerve damage. I had worked hard (even done some personal training) to get to be able to do gym classes.  I thought I was going ok. But I had a niggling sense it was not all right.  I wanted to be stronger so I approached Kriss. He seemed unimpressed with my class efforts and wanted me to focus on much slower tasks, lunges and squats and add some weight. I did find it hard in the beginning but I stuck at it. I altered my classes (well, pretty much cancelled them) and followed Kriss' orders. The first lunge I did with him he had to hold me. Now I do them solidly. The first squat I did with him .. well, it was an embarrassment but now I can see that I am improving. When I started I had to hold the banister walking down the stairs and now I can walk unaided. I have even done a 24 k bush walk and not been injured at the end of the walk.  My goal is to be moving as well as I can when I'm 90.. and after some years of what I may call decline, its really nice to be seeing improvement.  I'm so glad I've stuck with Kriss.

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Kim Pollock

I have been running for many years but in the last 10 years I’ve suffered from injuries due to a fused foot. It’s amazing how you can be really fit but so weak..!  I started seeing Kriss as my strength coach about 6 months ago as I was keen to run a marathon and had been told by a few professionals that this would be very challenging because of my asymmetrical body. Kriss has helped me build strength and stability back into my body to endure running the long km’s. He’s also taught me the importance of mobility and basic everyday exercises. My strength is at the best it has been in many years and now I’ve completed my marathon I’m keen for another and more… Thanks Kriss