Get to work on that core


A few exercises that will start you on your way to achieving a strong and balanced core – give them a go!

Swiss Ball Oblique Twists 

A great exercise for adding rotational force in a controlled environment – add weight and adjust position of shoulders on ball for increased intensity

3 sets x 6/8 reps, complete twists (e.g. left & right), 30sec rest

swiss ball core rotations
swiss ball core rotations


Suspension Pikes 

A exercise to challenge your balance and stability, focus on form by maintaining straight body lines, adjusting intensity by how big you make the movement. This can be performed on the Swiss ball too. 

3 sets x8/10 reps, 30sec rest

suspended core pikes
suspended core pikes

Swiss Ball Bridge Roll Outs

Engages and strengthens the glutes and hamstrings at the same time, ensure to keep your hips high as they will tend to drop as you fatigue.  

3 sets x 10/15 reps, 30sec rest

swiss ball core roll outs
gym ball core

Kettle bell Stiff Legged Deadlifts 

A surprise addition to a core routine – but we want to reinforce the fact that functional exercises performed well will increase your core strength plus you will be surprised how much your core is engaged with this one! (Ensure correct technique and prevent arching of the back) Can be performed with single leg variation too. 

3 sets x8/10 reps, 30sec rest

straight leg deadlift
stiff leg kettlebell deadlift

Isometric Holds 

V-Sit/Front Plank/Side plank – add this assortment of isolation exercises into your program. All can be performed for time or breaths (see tip below) 

3 sets x 30/45/60s efforts, 30sec rest

v sit core hold
core front plank
core side plank

Kriss's Tip:

“The next time you are performing an isometric hold try training for breaths instead of time. For instance, during the front bridge, instead of holding the position for 30 seconds, try and hold the position for 5 full breaths. This forces you to actually breathe since your focus is on getting 5 full breaths out as opposed to trying to survive for 30 seconds. It’s an instant shift to quality over quantity.”